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You can either purchase it from our retail store or you can get in touch with us for online delivery. Get in Touch with us on info@laxmisingla.com or call us on +919871111388.
Yes, we do sell material Online, You can take a look at your Catalogue on Facebook or on our website and can order the same on Whatsapp. We take around 4-5 days to dispatch your order. Whatsapp us your order on +919871111388.
You can either Email us on info@laxmisingla.com or call us on +919871111388. You can also fill in the Contact form and our team will get in touch with you.
If you want to start a Career in this industry, you can either watch our Online Tutorials or to get a deeper understanding of the techniques used, you can join our offline Course available at our academy in Delhi.
We Upload Videos for your deeper understanding and help you explore the detailed techniques. We intend to upload these tutorials on a day to day basis.
Yes, We have a retail store and an academy in North Delhi. Address: C-573, Saraswati Vihar, Pitampura-110034. Contact: +919871111388, 01145301171 Email: info@laxmisingla.com